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Google has proven that search traffic on the Internet is extremely valuable. They literally built an empire with search traffic as a cornerstone. This means there are literally a ton of copycat and me-too search engines attempting to cash in on this revenue stream. The biggest competitor to Google that I know of is Microsoft’s Bing platform and that pales in comparison. Well, now there is another search engine option that wants to put the planet first by using some of the search revenue they earn to plant trees. They have receipts to prove they are following through with it as well.

Ecosia is a search engine that offers one unique bonus for Internet users making use of their search engine. An opportunity to help get more trees planted across the planet. As of this writing they were closing in on about 19 million trees planted, of a goal of 1 billion.

The reason this search engine caught my eye is because I am now a land owner and have always loved having trees around. They attract wildlife, they protect against high winds, and trees help with our environment in many other ways. Using Ecosia to do stuff I already do, searching on the Internet, just helps more trees find a new permanent home in the ground somewhere.

Ecosia Search Stats

There is no cost to users of Ecosia, just a sense of helping make the world a little bit better with each search. How cool is that? You find the results you are looking for and while doing that, you help plant another tree.

Ecosia’s stats are interesting:

Every 1.7 seconds a tree is planted
7 million active users
Almost 19 million trees planted so far, and counting
Nearly $6 million Euros invested
$0.22 Euro per tree cost

Ecosia hopes to have 1 billion trees planted by 2020. They are on Facebook and Twitter, and their own website of course. Mobile device users can grab their app from iTunes or Google Play.


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