What Roman Reigns Drug Test Failure Could Mean for His Career

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It is no secret that right after the recent WWE Pay Per View (PPV), Money in the Bank, that the WWE World Heavyweight Champion going, Roman Reigns, had failed a drug test.  He was allowed to compete not only at the PPV but also on the following nights Monday Night Raw show.  The drug failure was announced that Tuesday (most found out via Reigns’ twitter account).  It was addressed on television by Set Rollins on the Monday Night Raw that aired on June 27th.  Many consider this a “pipe bomb” pointed segment bringing an edginess to WWE programming (something sorely missed in today’s PG rated times).  The question is, what does failing this drug test mean for Roman Reigns’ career?

There are a few ways this could play out for Roman Reigns with the WWE.  Not all of them are good though.  Remember when Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Triple H broke kayfabe the last night they were all in the, then, WWF?  Nash and Hall were leaving for World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and Shawn Michaels was the WWF Heavyweight Champion so they were all unpunishable for the “offense” known as the curtain call (all four men hugged at a time when two were “good” and two were “bad”).  This was a big no no in the storylines of wrestling.  The only person that could be punished was Triple H who was put through ridiculous matches, had to lose to rather “unique” characters and basically humiliated beyond belief.  Could we see a similar fate befall the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion upon his return from a 30 day suspension?  Could Roman be forced out of the title picture leaving Rollins and Ambrose to go back and forth with new competitors coming and going?  All this while Reigns could be losing matches to Goldust or being forced to tag with Fandango or Tyler Breeze in losing tag matches?

There is another bad way Reigns’ return could go is that he simply be relegated to the mid card.  Not really in trouble per se but not allowed near the main title again for years.  This is usually a fate reserved for people who are just lost in the shuffle for a good storyline that draws them up the ranks.  Some guys make a good career out of not holding a title but flirting with one such as Cesaro, Jake the Snake Roberts, Mr Perfect and many others that never attained the highest title in the company.  Could Reigns be the next wrestler to attempt a successful career in the mid card for his drug test failure?

There is a chance that this is going to end well for Reigns.  This may be the catalyst that brings Reigns over to the dark side of wrestling. He could use this drug test failure, the fan reaction to it, and the reaction of other wrestlers as a reason to turn heel in the ring- something a lot of fans have wanted him to do for more than a few months now.

In the end, the fate of Roman Reigns’ career is up to the writers at the WWE and Vince McMahon.  He screwed up, admitted to it and accepted his screw up.  After 30 days of suspension he will get to pay for it.  The interesting thing is how the WWE will make him do that.

Carl Williams

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  • Sarcastic Duck

    Boreman Lames just couldn’t handle the fans critics and went into the path that made Snoop Dogg a WWE HoF!

    • Carl Williams

      I have never understood the push they kept giving Reigns, and giving him, and giving him, and giving him. It was pointless as they were focused on pushing him they missed great opportunities to push Cesaro and many others higher up in the company.

      I simply don’t understand their “push one person” at a time way of thinking. In the 80’s I remember it being slightly different. It seemed that they had believable “over the top” characters that could feud with Hogan or whoever it was as the champ at the time. Sure, they had no chance in hell of winning but they were over, they were pushed. WWE doesn’t have many like that and Reigns alone is not it.

      • Sarcastic Duck

        The problem is Vince wanting so badly fans to accept Reindeer as the replacement for Cena, because (let’s face it) Cena is coming to the point he will leave and be like The Rock. A movie star

        • Carl Williams

          I can see it being best for Cena in the long term to go that route. The Rock has shown that there is easier work in Hollywood than in the squared circle, for those that can get it. Like him or not, Cena can get some decent paying roles. The question is, are they paying enough for him to make the jump?

          This period we are in right now reminds me of when Vince was pushing Lex Luger while Hulk Hogan was off making movies and television shows like Thunder in Paradise (which was also made into a game for the CD-i console). Vince pushed Lex like crazy but fans still didn’t get behind him like they did Hulk. The same is going to happen with Reigns. They are going to push him till fans are sick of him and keep pushing him and simply push fans away.

          • Sarcastic Duck

            that is already happening

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