Rollins Screwed Rollins

Everyone who watch Monday night raw on August 29, saw what I’m calling the “Rollins screwed Rollins job”. The last match being a fatal four-way between Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, Big Cass, and Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship. It is, in my opinion, a great match one that actually got me excited for the outcome. Then comes the ending. It did seem as if HHH was making an appearance to ensure the “Authority” would be 18 again with Seth as their pick to represent Monday Night Raw. HHH delivered a brutal Pedigree to Reigns then had Seth Rollins pin him to eliminate him. This left Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins as the last two in the match. As most of you were able to watch, this led to HHH delivering what looked like another Pedegree to Kevin Owens but at the last second he turned and kicked Seth and delivered another brutal Pedigree to his former protege. Kevin Owens takes the opportunity and pins says to become the next Raw Universal Champion.

Instead of it being thence it would be HHH, and instead of it being “Brett screwed Brett” it’s “Rollins screwed Rollins”.

Fans could forget about the past. The past where Seth Rollins would go out by himself and tell everyone that he did not need the Authority’s help. The past where HHH and the Authority would set up people to make sure Rollins was the winner. Let’s just forget that HHH cannot be trusted by anyone.

Regardless past or present HHH has done what he has done, I am pretty sure that Seth Rollins is going to finally have the match with the King of Kings because he got screwed. Possibly a build up to Wrestlemania.  Who is ready for Seth Rollins to take on Triple HHH, whenever it actually happens?


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