Rocky Horror Picture Show Game Kickstarter Success

This is a cult classic movie that people either love or hate.  That is usually how these types of things go though, there is no real middle ground.  That is probably why Rocket Lolly Games LTD have decided to do a game based on the movie.  If their success over the weekend on Kickstarter is any indication, a lot of the supporters of the movie want the game.

Over the weekend Rocky Horror Picture Show: Touch Me broke through their minimum goal of $35,000.  This is great news for fans that want to see the game released.  Currently slated for 2017, Rocky Horror Picture Show is a dance style “touch” game.  Characters perform dance moves based on your taps and swipes on the screen.  There are on-screen cues telling you when to do each thing and what direction, if needed.  While playing you can earn points and accolades based on your performance- similar to those music games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

Currently in development, Rocket Lolly Games felt the need to secure funding to continue.  This was probably smart on their part.  Rather than having nothing to show potential backers, like most Kickstarter campaigns, they had gameplay footage and other assets available.  By going the crowdfunding route now, Rocket Lolly Games hopes to garner community feedback and support as development continues.  This is reflected in some of the backer rewards that include being a beta tester and voting on additional characters if stretch goals are reached.  This enticing the fans with involvement apparently is paying off as they near the first stretch goal of $40,000.

What is really cool is the rest of the backer rewards available.  From original theatre show t-shirts to the original demo tape from 1973- there are some truly awesome items available for the right backer.  This is how you build support for a license like this- kind of screws over the next game using the license that attempts crowdfunding (what is left to offer backs?) but the fun is now, right?

Head over to Kickstarter to throw your support in for Rocky Horror Picture Show: Touch Me while you still can.

Carl Williams

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