Rock Your Mornings with the Rock Clock

Okay, I am probably like a lot of people reading this- I set a couple of alarms to wake me up.  I usually set them 15 to 20 minutes apart, just in case snooze doesn’t do its job.  You may be reading this wondering why the hell do you need a new alarm clock for your Android phone.  I will tell you.  Because this one has various alerts that are sure to wake you up at the time you set.  The kicker is, there is no snooze button.

The Rock Clock features 25 alarm tones to wake you when you need up.  No Snooze.  This is more than just an alarm clock though.  There is also a goal tracker to motivate you to complete tasks each day and you can even set the Rock Clock to match Dwayne Johnson’s own.  Yeah, that could really suck if he is in a completely different time zone to you though.  I am in Arkansas and it is already two hours ahead of people on the West coast as it is- I am not getting up at, reportedly, 2:15 am my time.

The Rock Clock even offers exclusive video messages from The Rock himself- from his phone to yours (at least that is what the Google Play page says).  Alarm alerts range from The Rock saying “beep, beep, beep” to him smashing a harp after it is used as a gentle alert for you to get up.  After smashing the harp to hell and back Dwayne Johnson yells “Jabroni!” out of your phone.  That is not going to shock people who are light sleepers.  Nope.  Not at all.

For the diehard Rock fan, here you go.  I can see this making a hilarious prank for some people.

The Rock Clock by 7 Bucks Entertainment
Platform: Android
Genre: Alarm clock/motivational app
Rated: T for Teen due to language
Available now on Google Play

Carl Williams

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