Review- Z Launcher for Android by Nokia

Launchers for Android are nearly a dime a dozen.  The good ones are the hard ones to get out of the sea of mediocre ones.  While Nokia may be the last company you would expect to see release a launcher, they have and it is quite good.  Their Z Launcher is clean and easy to use.  These are two traits other launchers forget to include in all of their “sci-fi” imagery and unconventional access designs.

First, with Z Launcher the easiest way to move around your phone is to simply draw letters on your screen.  You can still open the app drawer at the bottom.  That requires you to find your app the old-fashioned way (Windows Phone style).  Apps are arranged alphabetically in your app drawer so you will be scrolling up and down looking for that app you wanted.  While drawing the first letter on the screen will bring up the apps with that letter in them.  If you draw a second letter you can filter down the apps in the search results.  This is an interesting, and tactful, addition to the launcher world.  Personally, I like it.

Another thing that Nokia did with their Z Launcher is allow the search results to be ranked based on your usage.  More popular apps, contacts, websites, etc will be at the top of the list.  That is pretty awesome in my book.  For the paranoid users out there though, that could be a huge red flag the phone is tracking your usage.  Whatever.

Another interesting addition to the launcher world is on your main screen.  The most used apps, contacts and web pages are all shown there.  This is quite cool especially if you are a business person that is in contact with a small group of people.  Also, business people will like that the most visited websites show up along with apps.  This will surely help you get more done in your daily life.

While there are a lot of launchers out there for Android, Z Launcher by Nokia is one the best.  It simply works and works well.

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Z Launcher by Nokia
Platform: Android
Genre: Launcher
Rated: Everyone
Available now on Google Play

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