Review- Vector 2, Endless Running Returns on Android

I played the first Vector game quite a bit.  I am not a fan of endless running games by any means but there was something there.  Something that kept bringing me back for more.  The second Vector game is more of the same for fans of the original.  There are a few additions that expand the idea a bit this time around.

Vector 2 is a 2D side scrolling action endless running game.  You are not simply trying to run as far as you can, there are set levels to complete.  There are obstacles to avoid, currency to grab and of course, plenty of running to be had.

The first Vector game was interesting in that it was minimalist in graphics.  The second game offers a bit more visually.  The major problem I have with Vector 2 is that death comes quick and it comes out of nowhere.  Lasers and mines are the most common methods of mortal injury I encountered.  It just felt cheap at certain points.

The various jumps, climbing abilities etc are back but now you are able to upgrade other abilities too.  This adds a sense of urgency in collecting the in game currency.  While not exactly action role playing in scope these upgrades add a little something extra for fans that decide to grind, or pay to win.  Your choice.

Android Vector 2

As you can see in the pics, something is off on the main character on my ZTE ZMAX 2.  He is extremely blocky, which is weird since everything else is rendered just fine.  I am not sure what the problem is, if it was a problem with the GPU in the ZMAX 2 then the rest of Vector 2 would be messed up too.

Fans of the original have already downloaded this sequel (I know I did), everyone else, there is a bit more than the typical endless runner so maybe give this one a try.  Your mileage may vary but I don’t feel shafted on this one and lately, that is hard to come by in mobile games.

Vector 2 by Nekki
Genre: Endless Running
Platform: Android
Device: ZTE ZMAX 2
In App Purcchases: Yes
Rated: 10+ on Google Play
Available now on Google Play

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