Review- TrainCrasher Brings Final Fight Style Brawling to Android

It is not every day that we get a graphically impressive brawler on mobile.  TrainCrasher is just that though, paying homage to the greats while being visually impressive.  For me, TrainCrasher is a fun romp through a begotten genre.  If you can’t stand “button mashing” fighting games then you are not a brawling fighting game fan.  TrainCrasher keeps the basics in sight while expanding on the genre just enough to make it worth playing at least a few times.  The “Engrish” translation is worth the time to download anyhow, stay for the fun over the top action.

As you can probably deduce by the title, TrainCrasher is set on a train.  Something like Snowpiercer starring Chris Evans and John Hurt, you are stuck on a train facing a ton of enemies.  Softmax has mixed in a bit of role playing game elements into the fighting mix which ups the replay value.

I am not a fan of onscreen controls but here they are moved to the bottom, out of the way, so it is not obstructing your view of the action.  Also, you can set the controls to be something similar to Diablo where you click a spot or an enemy and your character runs to it.  You still have to hit the action buttons (attack, special, grab and combo) but it works.  If you have the capability to play on something with physical controls then by all means, use that and don’t look back.

There are unlockable characters, Anime style graphics and completely out there action that might make onlookers think you were playing a shooting game.  For a brawler there is quite a bit of stuff in TrainCrasher, even if there are in app purchases (I haven’t spent a dime yet and have been playing quite a bit).  It is, to me, the spiritual successor to the brawler genre and a worthy successor TrainCrasher is.

TrainCrasher by Softmax
Platform: Android
Genre: Brawler
Rated: Teen
In App Purchases: Yes
Available now on Google Play

Carl Williams

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