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Tiny Station 2 Android

Tiny Station 2 is the follow up to the successful time management game pitted players in the position of managing a car repair shop. What started with the success of Diner Dash mixed with a mechanic shop is now even more hectic and fun. Elite Games have improved on the stuff that needed it and left what was right alone.

The garage you manage is set up for vehicles to drive through. Each car, truck, sports vehicle, etc. has a problem they need fixed. This problem is displayed in the cartoon “thought” bubble above them. Each problem corresponds to your available stations in your repair shop. Touch a car and drag it to the necessary station and then click again to get a worker to begin working on it. Once the repairs are done, the vehicle may be ready for one last touch of cleaning or, more likely, it will require further repairs. Those are the basics of Tiny Station 2. Anyone that has played the original game, Diner Dash or any of the other time management games, knows there is a lot more to it than that.

Okay, Tiny Station 2 gets hectic quite fast. That is also true of the first game. As you play and succeed in completing a day–whether you make your ever increasing daily financial goal or not–you are given the revenue for the day. This revenue is used to upgrade a few things in your shop. Repair stations can be, and should be, upgraded as you play. Upgrades here improve tips from customers for not making them wait till they are irate and also gives additional revenue per vehicle repaired. Employee upgrades give them faster repair times and speedier movement–quite necessary for the gas team as they have a huge area to cover early on. The upgrades do not stop here, though.

Tiny Station 2 is hectic and challenging. I am on day 60 or so and find myself playing whenever I have a few minutes free.

The customer waiting area is where you will spend a ton of revenue. This is also where the most revenue needs to be spent as it has the best chance of positively impacting your overall daily revenue. Make sure to scroll to the right as the customer waiting area is quite large and full of parts that can be upgraded. Be careful and pay attention as some upgrades will require cash from daily earnings plus crystals that you have to pay real world money for (yes, there are In-app Purchases here). You can earn crystals through completing challenges, but that is an arduous process (most tasks give two to five crystals while major upgrades require 10+).

Okay, why would you upgrade the customer waiting area? To get better tips, longer tip time, and of course, attract luxury cars. The luxury cars pay a lot more than the normal cars (even the special vehicles like cop cars, fire trucks, etc). This is how you recoup your investment as you play.

Time management fans will definitely want to check out Tiny Station 2. Just be prepared, it will be hard to put down and it will be frustrating at the same time.

Tiny Station 2 by Elite Games
Platform: Android (ZTE ZMAX 2 used for review)
Genre: Time management
In-app Purchases: Yes, although everything can be earned through normal play
Rated: E for Everyone
Available now on Google Play

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