Review: Marvel Puzzle Quest- Dark Reign on Android

Marvel are not scared to license out their characters to game publishers, this forthrightness is probably why there are more games based on Marvel licenses than any other comic book publisher.  Sometimes they are a hit like the PS2/Xbox Spider-Man games and other times they are more of a miss, Captain America and the Avengers on Sega Genesis (while a good arcade game, the Genesis game was, um, less than that).  Then there are middle of the road titles such as Marvel Puzzle Quest.

First up, I am not saying Marvel Puzzle Quest is a bad game, D3 paired the license with their Puzzle Quest puzzle engine for good measure.  The engine is solid and works quite well, the problems lie in the way the overall game is handled.  While the game play is solid, the between levels stuff is slightly messed up.  Anyone that has played Real Racing 3 knows about the new way to handle in app purchases- making the player wait or pay to continue play.

This is the main problem I have with Marvel Puzzle Quest, the waiting game.  Sure, Candy Crush Saga has something similar when you run out of lives, but here, with multiple characters you will be waiting varied amounts of time.  Keeping your characters charged up and leveled up as quickly as possible is going to require some cold hard cash spending and that is a deal breaker for many reading this.  marvel puzzle quest dark reign screen

The computer is EXTREMELY lucky in getting combos, more so than they ever were in the first Puzzle Quest game.  This cheapness ends up costing matches, key characters in the heat of battle and ultimately, money (unless you are cool with waiting upwards of 20 minutes for really powerful characters to heal).

D3, you had a chance to make a really awesome game here, one that players would have dropped a few bucks on to enjoy.  Instead, you have a “freemium” title that is worse than 90% of the games in this category.  For fans wanting a match 3 title I would suggest one of these titles:

Super Hero U
Witch Wars
Zookeeper Battle

If you are a die-hard fan of Marvel comics, you will probably be able to get past the shortcomings here but for everyone else, there are better Match 3 games that don’t contain a lot of IAP to worry about.

Marvel Puzzle Quest by D3
Platform: Android (JXD S7300 used for review)
Genre: Puzzle, Match 3, Suck your wallet dry
Rated: Medium Maturity
Contains In App Purchases: Yes
Score: 75/100
Available now on Google Play

Carl Williams

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