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Kill Shot Bravo

We don’t cover a lot of war related games here on Gravis Ludus. Mainly because there are simply so many of them that it is often hard to keep track of what is what. One that stood out to me was Kill Shot Bravo by Hothead Games. While I try a lot of these style of games out, there are not many that hold my interest through the tutorial let alone into the main game. Kill Shot Bravo has accomplished that and has warranted a review. Now we see if it holds up as well as first impressions indicated it would or if it is just another dud.

First of all, there is more to Kill Shot Bravo than just sniper levels. That is one of the biggest surprises to me when I first started playing Kill Shot Bravo. Sure, the first few levels are nothing but sniper affairs where you are picking off one or two enemies. Then there is the mobile assault mission from an insanely overpowered vehicle. Then there is a 3D first person style assault mission through a building against a handful of enemies and then I discovered versus mode.

Versus mode is what really sets Kill Shot Bravo apart for me. In this mode you are tasked with getting a higher score than your head-to-head opponent. The enemies come fast and stealthily in this mode so it is wall-to-wall action. The enemies you face are a mixed bag: some are straight shooters, others are hide and peek types, and then there are the deadly snipers that hold back. The snipers are the biggest concern in this mode as they can take you down with one shot, just like you can in sniper mode.

As mentioned already, there are plenty of modes available in Kill Shot Bravo and this keep things interesting and challenging. There is also a little bit of role playing upgrades going on. Weapons, armor, and the like can all be upgraded with in-game money, which means there are In-App Purchases (IAP) to watch out for. I have put in a good weekend of playing and have yet to hit a paywall, so there is that going for it; similar games–that I won’t waste time mentioning–have the paywall hitting rather quickly. Considering the paywall is farther off than similar titles, this at least keeps Kill Shot Bravo from appearing to be a cash run by Hothead Games.

Kill Shot Bravo takes the competition out with a single headshot. Come get you some.

Kill Shot Bravo by Hothead Games
Genre: Sniper, war
Platform: Android (ZTE ZMAX 2 used for review) and iPhone
In App Purchases: Yes (ammo, weapon extras, etc)
Rated: Mature on Google Play and 17+ on iTunes
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store

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