Review- Futurama Game of Drones on Android (also Available on iPhone)

Futurama, a cartoon series of adults, well, mature audiences- um, no, that is a misnomer too.  Well, it wasn’t a cartoon for kids but maybe the less discerning adult amongst us.  Anyhow, this is one of those shows that got a game or two years ago, it kind of sucked.  This lack of positive response from fans was probably the leading reason we are just now starting to see a new game based on the Matt Groening animated series.  Marketed as a similar to “match 3” titles, Futurama Game of Drones is honestly, not so.  You are required to match four or more like drones to clear them or to produce power ups that you then use in the level.  While it sounds pretty simple, there are some devious layouts that are challenging.  Maybe an action game starring the Planet Express gang was simply not the ideal game style.  It seems all along that puzzle games are where they should have went in the first place.

Fans of the show will be tickled to learn there is a storyline in Futurama Game of Drones that is fitting to the source material.  There are snarky remarks, stupidity abound and jokes contained within.  This is not the only thing that developer “Wooga” got right here.

Android Futurama Game of Drones

Between levels there is a bit of 3D transitioning in place, this adds a bit more fun to the proceedings.  It feels like you are in an episode between the levels- now if only they would take that 3D engine and create some kind of racing game with it.  That would be awesome, a Futurama 3D futuristic racing game, or base it on the demolition derby episode and make it a battle racing game like Twisted Metal.

Fans of puzzle games will find enough challenge here to keep them entertained.  The puzzles will probably be too large of a nuisance to get around for Futurama fans that just want to experience the story though.

Futurama Game of Drones by Wooga
Platform: Android and iPhone
Device used for review: ZTE ZMAX 2
Genre: Puzzle
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: Teen on Google Play and 12+ on iTunes
Available now on  Google Play and the iTunes App Store

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