Review- Dariusburst for Playstation Portable

Dariusburst proves the horizontal shooter has plenty of life left.  Sadly, the horizontal shooter genre is a dying breed.  Companies are just not making them like they used to.  I remember during the 16-Bit era the love that horizontal scrolling shooters got.  Their close cousin, the overhead scrolling shooter, was often bemoaned within the press of the time.  Now, we have a plethora of overhead shooters on Android and iOS, a few side scrolling shooters and not much of either on “traditional” consoles and hand-held devices.  That is a shame.  Dariusburst proves that this needs to change and change quick.  Taito still have it and this game just shows that in exquisite detail.

Darius is a series that Taito has proven interest in keeping alive.  Since the original arcade release in 1986 to new releases for modern consoles, Darius has been kept alive and thriving.  Personally, I am a late adopter to the series with Dariusburst being my first real play through of a Darius game.  Man, I have been missing out.

First, let me warn you, I am a HUGE fan of 2.5D style graphics.  I like them for some reason, I think they give games more depth without having to be all “3D”.  It was an awesome effect when I first saw it in Street Fighter II’s floors in arcade way back in late 1992 and it is still impressive.  While small to many, it is still a nice touch.

The graphics of Dariusburst are what you would expect from a Playstation Portable title.  Detailed, flashy and things blow up REAL good.  Dariusburst works quite well on the wide-screen of the PSP.  Not quite as well as the original arcade title and its three screens wide view but still, good.

I just wish we could have gotten more side scrolling shooters on the PSP when it was alive and kicking (was it ever “thriving”?).  Dariusburst was only released on the PSP in Japan.  There is a version for Andoid and iOS and newer releases for other consoles though that did come to North America.

Dariusburst by Taito
Platform: Playstation Portable (Japan)
Genre: Side scrolling shooter/arcade
Available on Playstation Portable

If you want to grab a copy of Dariusburst, or another Darius game, then hit Ebay.  Your purchase helps us continue bringing content like this to you regularly.

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