Review- Choplifter HD on Android (also Available on Steam)

Classic titles are classics for a reason.  They are usually not convoluted like current titles are.  Controls are simpler, the game in general is often more direct and they are easily picked up and played.  Choplifter is one such classic that was released at the right time in gaming.  The idea is pretty simple, and quite adaptable to real world troubles.  You are a helicopter pilot and you are tasked with rescuing personnel from behind enemy lines.  Sounds simple, right?  For those that have played Choplifter in one of its iterations knows, it is far from “simple”.

The developer behind Choplifter HD, inXile, has taken the classic title and dropped it into a modern gaming engine.  Everything is super detailed, there is 2.5D scrolling (awesome depth) and things blow up real good.

The original game was limited graphically due to the hardware it was released on.  Choplifter HD takes advantage of modern hardware (Android and PC) to provide a much more detailed experience.

Android Choplifter HD

Choplifter HD is no easier today than it was ever in the past.  In fact, it may be tougher since there are now enemies in the foreground and in your direct flight path.  There are multiple choppers available for purchase, tons of levels and challenge out the wazoo.

GPD XD Specifics: Mapping the myriad of controls to the multitude of buttons on the GPD XD is easy and intuitive.  For instance, to turn your chopper, you have to swipe down on the right side of the screen, mapping that to the right thumb stick saves a TON of frustration.  Map guns to a face button and then map missiles to a nearby button for easy one/two attacks.  After playing a couple of levels it will be easy to map every reason to touch the screen to a button of your choice.

Choplifter HD by inXile
Platform: Android (version reviewed) and Steam
Genre: Classic, arcade, shooter
Rated: No rating at the time of writing
In App Purchases: No
Available now on Google Play and Steam

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