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Gameloft have been quite prolific with their mobile gaming support.  They are one of the most varied publishers out there too.  Take Asphalt Xtreme for instance, this is not just another racing game as you will see from the video below.  There was a lot of work put into this game, into the details and the feel.  It shows.  The question is, if you are tired of mobile racing games, should you give Asphalt Xtreme a chance?  Yes.

Featuring 35 vehicles running the gamut of Ford, Dodge, Jeep and more, Asphalt Xtreme certainly has the car nut covered.  Also, you are free to upgrade any of those vehicles using in game credits that you win from races (or purchase via In App Purchases).  Just be prepared, Asphalt Xtreme comes at a premium in storage (over 600 megabytes).

As you can see in the embedded video (using the ZTE ZMAX 2), I suck using the tilt controls that Asphalt Xtreme defaults to.  Once I figured out a decent touch method I was off to the races as they say.  Using the touch controls with brakes and nitro on both sides of the screen I was able to quickly take first place on most of the races I participated in for this review.

GPD XD Specifics: Using the GPD XD to play Asphalt Xtreme was a dream come true.  Using the same control scheme as I did on the ZTE ZMAX 2 I simply mapped the physical buttons to touches on the correct areas of the screen.  With this setup it was just like playing on a PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS or Playstation Portable.  The fact that my thumbs were not blocking part of the screen was irrelevant as the areas where your thumbs go are not in the action part.

Even if you are a jaded racing game fan Asphalt Xtreme is worth your time.  Upgrade your vehicle a few times and then tell me the rush is not fun and exciting as you hit nitro on a ramp and take first place.

Asphalt Xtreme by Gameloft
Genre: Racing
Platform: ZTE ZMAX 2 and GPD XD (both used for review)
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: E for Everyone
Available now on Google Play

Don’t have a GPD XD?  Grab one from Willgoo – they sponsor Gravis Ludus and we appreciate their support.

Carl Williams

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