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The land is over run with creatures and you must take up arms and defeat them before life as you know it is eradicated.  That is pretty much the backstory for 2048 Knight.  As you can tell from the name, this one is based on 2048, the popular number swiping game.  The difference here is that, as you probably garnered from the “Knight” in the title, that this one is a battle based version.  Similar to how Puzzle Quest added light role playing elements to Bejeweled, we now have a 2048 game that has done the same thing.  They just left out a lot more role playing elements than D3 ever did.

The gameplay of 2048 Knight is simple.  You start with a mostly empty board to slide tiles around.  As you slide tiles more appear.  Your goal is to make the largest matches possible to get rid of them.  You always start with a “1” tile, match that with another “1” tile to create a “2” tile and then match two of those to create a “4” and so on.  The added differences in 2048 Knight are that you are also give visual and color cues as to what matches what.  In the regular 2048 you are only given a number and a color.

The main addition of role playing elements is evident in the weapon icons on the tiles which denote attacks on your enemy.  These weapons attack for different amounts of damage against the enemy located on top of the screen.  As you progress these monsters will become more powerful.  Every ten levels you face a boss who is obviously a lot more powerful than regular creatures.

You lose 2048 Knight the same way you lose in 2048- when there are no more places on the board for a new tile.  If you can swipe and make a match then you can continue.  So pay special attention as it is easy to miss one.  Don’t worry, if you are truly finished the game will let you know and even offer a couple of options to continue.

Just playing 2048 was never my go to thing but for some reason I like playing 2048 Knight.  Gameplay is simple, you are focusing on attacks rather than healing or accessories such as armor.

2048 Knight by RETRO BOX
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: Android (ZTE ZMAX 2 used for review)
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: E for Everyone on Google Play
Available now on Google Play

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