Rescue Lucy Brings Adventuring to Steam

It is a fear that most parents have for their children.  It is also a fear most kids have when younger.  Getting lost in the woods.  Rescue Lucy explores that basic fear.  OtakuMaker, a new developer/publisher, has just released Rescue Lucy onto Steam.  Reminiscent of older first person point of view-point and click adventures, gamers will face many challenges here.  The twist to Rescue Lucy is, Lucy is not the kid in this adventure.

Lucy is your four-legged companion, the dog.  She got startled and ran away deep into the dark woods.  Everybody reading this, which had a pet run away, knows the lengths they will go to while searching.  The search for Lucy has left you nearing dark and way too far into the woods to find your way out before it gets downright scary.  Luckily you find a house to hide in till morning when you can continue your search for Lucy.

As with most scary houses in the woods, far away from civilization, there is more to this rickety shack than meets the eyes.  There are a lot more rooms within than the exterior would seem to allude to.  Within these rooms are many puzzles, challenges and even enemies that will need to be dealt with quickly and astutely.

Rescue Lucy is kind of throwback from what we usually see on Steam.  There are not exactly a lot of point and click adventure titles getting released on the service.  That is true across the board for computers and consoles.  It is rather interesting to note that point and click adventure fans can probably count mobile gaming as a new home though I hope titles such as Rescue Lucy bring awareness back to PC’s.

Rescue Lucy by OtakuMaker
Genre: Adventure, point and click
Platform: Steam
Available now on Steam

Carl Williams

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