Raise Your Own Queen of Hell in Princess Maker 2

Conflicts, studies, and dealing with stress are some of the staples of teenage youth. Adventuring, arranged marriages, fighting batmen, kidnappers, and even gods is not. However, if you’ve ever played Princess Maker 2, you’d be forgiven for the confusion. You see, your character has just fought off the Devil himself and saved the kingdom, but what is his reward? An angel child that has lived its entire life in heaven. Some god determined that you’ve had enough of your youth and she’s had enough of paradise on her tenth birthday. Now she’s your problem, but here’s the question: what will you do to guide your new daughter in life? Under your tutelage, will Olive become a tyrant queen of the demon realm or can she become the very queen of the nation you’ve sworn to protect?

Princess Maker 2 was originally released in 1993 on the PC and is a game about everything. Seriously, Princess Maker 2 has quests, random events, battles, tournaments, religion, mythical creatures, and batmen (the gentlemen of the forest). Your basic gameplay in Princess Maker 2 is a schedule type simulator. You can determine the amount of leisure, work, and studying Olive does in a given week and month. But with every job, a certain skill increases and another decreases, so your task is to balance her stats in order to raise the ultimate daughter. This isn’t easy, though, and usually no two sessions will be the same. Random events can alter what happens to Olive and even change her personality slightly. A string of bad decisions, however, can push your child into prostitution or even a low-level crime. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg, as you can take an active role in playing when taking her on adventures.

Errantry is the name for the Role Playing Game side of Princess Maker 2. When in Errantry, you can explore the woods, a desert, some lake, and the snowy mountains where the God of War lives. During these segments, you control Olive directly and can fight monsters as mentioned earlier. Your weapons and stats determine your efficiency in combat and this is also where you can complete quest. You might find a pearl on an enemy one day only to discover it’s actually the egg of a sprite. She could have a tea party with some faeries who raise her sensitivity to the ethereal. Perhaps Olive will even encounter a boss character. Olive might even run into a mermaid while on vacation with you on the ocean.

These are some of the mysteries which make Princess Maker 2 amazing, but even though I played the hell out of this game, it was never truly released in the United States. You read that right; until 2016, the only way to play this game was illegally through the download of the English version, which Gainax specifically asked people not to do. But the games was awesome regardless. There were so many little things to discover and enjoy about it and its replayability is through the roof.  You’ll almost always discover something new as long as you’re willing to experiment. However, remember this child is yours for only eight years of her life. You can do a lot or you could do a little, but whatever her fate, it is ultimately your responsibility.

Will your Olive become a savior or a destroyer?

Princess Maker 2 is available now on Steam for PC.

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