Q*Bert Homage Title, Bunny Leap, Jumps onto Google Play and iTunes

It is not all that often that we see an homage title based on Q*Bert and that is a shame.  While Q*Bert is quite a misunderstood retro gaming title it is still a good one.  The idea is pretty simple, just change all of the tiles on the screen to one color and you will advance to the next level.  Add in that the level is skewed at an angle which messes with your mind as far as what direction “up”, “down” etc actually mean.  Then there are enemies to avoid and it just becomes nerve-wracking to complete some of the harder levels.  Remember, it is simple as just changing the colors on the tiles to the required color to exit the level.  I just found out about an homage title for Q*Bert called Bunny Leap for Android and iOS.

As you may have guessed by the title, Bunny Leap features a rabbit as the main character.  The enemies in Bunny Leap are not your familiar spring things that appeared in the classic Q*Bert.  Nope, here in Bunny Leap it appears that the fuzzy Chuzzle characters have developed a bad attitude and are taking it out on you.Bunny_Leap_Android_iOS_QBert_action (1)

There are 50 levels to take on in Bunny Leap so you are not going to beat it in one sitting.  Controls are handled via touch screen familiar swipes rather than an onscreen control pad that probably wouldn’t line up anyhow.  Thank goodness for that control decision.

Before you balk at the price, it is less than a 20 ounce Coke at your local gas station, remember it is a onetime payment.  Once.  Pay it and you are done.  No In App Purchases to worry about, no advertising to sit through either.  That is worth mentioning.

Bunny Leap by Streaky Games
Platform: Android and iOS
Genre: Arcade
In App Purchases: No
Rated: Everyone on Google Play
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store

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