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Visual novels are my guilty pleasure. In my younger days, I scoffed at these types of games. I was a late fan to the likes of Cobra and Snatcher on the Sega CD. That is why when I see a really good visual novel come along, I feel compelled to let others know about it. Angels and Demigods is one such visual novel that pulls on the sci-fi storyline strings hard and well. It is no Snatcher, but what is?

Angels and Demigods takes place in the distant future on Saturn’s moon Enceladus during the 190th century–that is far off. During this period, they have genetically engineered warriors. Bringing one back just happens to be your job here. That and solving the larger conspiracy that Ashley, the warrior, represents.

This is all setup in chapter one of Angels and Demigods. Later chapters will go into the history of the Enceladus and the wars of the planets. To say the story is epic is probably an understatement.

What makes Angels and Demigods different from visual novels as you might think of them is the full 3D worlds. More like rooms but you are free to look around the area and trigger events and interact with your surroundings. Want to talk with a certain character? Just point to them, then as actions available to you pop up, simply move the cursor to them to select it. This is not a mouse cursor as the whole screen moves as your viewpoint changes with the angle you choose. It is hard to explain. Kind of like playing a visual novel with mouse look turned on. Remember mouse look from games like Quake and such? (I am really showing my age there, I think.)

Angels and Demigods is nearing the end of their Kickstarter and the goal is quite a bit away at the moment. If you want to check out a unique visual novel with a cool sci-fi storyline–tired of romance dating visual novels yet?–then spread the word on Angels and Demigods.

Carl Williams

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