Pokemon Magikarp Jump on Android Review

Pokemon Magikarp Jump Android

Quit laughing. While this is one of the least useful, early on anyhow, Pokemon out there, the game is actually quite addictive. The basic idea is that you are training various Magikarp to jump higher than any other Magikarp. There are tournaments and various things you can do to make your fish better. At the end of the day though, aren’t we just slowly suffocating these creatures? Rather dark, I know, but think about it as you make your Magikarp jump or hit a punching bag.

Okay, I went into this review wanting to hate Pokemon Magikarp Jump. How can anyone like this game? I quickly loaded it up, played for a few minutes and put it away for the rest of the day, secure in my thoughts that it was not good. Then I had some more time to play later, loaded up Pokemon Magikarp Jump and played for a bit more. Still not thinking it was the next best thing I put it away again.

The next day, I loaded up Pokemon Magikarp Jump when I had about 20 minutes of down time. This is when it took hold. I was almost maxing out my little fish, won a few tournaments, exhausted my training tokens and was wondering what to do next. I challenged other Magikarp till my little guy lost.

Then I was given the opportunity to retire my little fish. Again, something happened. This time, I actually felt sad that I was having to let the little guy go and finish his life with days of leisure. I had to pick another Magikarp and now I was a little excited.

By now, I was on the second leg of an eight, or so, badge journey. My second Magikarp was a calico type and was slightly more interesting than my first. Understanding how things work now, I set out with my second Magikarp, clicked the food in his pool, I had a Pikachu available to help every couple of hours, discovered this tree I could get a fruit for my Magikarp from (to earn more training points) and generally, max him out quicker than the first. My second Magikarp was able to reach level 13, my first maxed at level 11.

I had this, I thought. I was going to max out my Magikarp and then beat the challenges in short order. That is what I thought. Then a dark moment hit me. My Magikarp and my character were walking home when we came across the tree of magical fruit. I command my Magikarp to jump and get a fruit, confident there would be no problem in this endeavor. He jumped, the fruit was in sight and almost in his gasping for watery air mouth when darkness hit. A Pidgeotto swooped in and took my Magikarp. I just experienced what I feel is death in the game and also a sadness in my heart. I was attached to this Magikarp. He was my buddy, he was my Rocky and I was his Mickey Goldmill. Now he was gone. GONE!

Now I had to fish out another Magikarp. I was not going to get attached to this one. Nope. Not doing it. Oh look, it is another calico! This is my buddy. I will max him out and we will win.

Go ahead, download Pokemon Magikarp Jump and tell me you don’t get addicted as well.

Pokemon Magikarp Jump by The Pokemon Company
Platform: Android and iPhone
Genre: Casual, clicker
In App Purchase: Yes
Rated: E for Everyone on Google Play and 4+ on iTunes
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store

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