Pokemon GO Used to Lure Victims in Armed Robbery

It is a dark day in gaming when something that is supposed to be fun and entertaining is used by criminals to hurt others.  This is what has started happening already in the United States.  There have been confirmed armed robberies in Missouri (confirmed via the Police Department).  How bad will this be for unsuspecting gamers?

The police in O’Fallon Missouri have reported that at least one armed robbery has occurred that was directly linked to the popular Pokemon GO game.  This incident happened around 2 am on Sunday morning.  There were four suspects in a black BMW that were apprehended in connection with the robbery.  There was a hand gun recovered.

These suspects are also persons of interest in similar robberies in St Charles and St. Louis counties in Missouri.

It is believed that the suspects set a beacon in the Pokemon GO game to lure players/Pokemon to their area and also searched out popular “Pokestops” in the game.

This is a sad thing to be happening with a popular game like this but it is probably to be expected.  Criminals will find a way to rob the unsuspecting individual.

Some tips to help you remain safe while playing Pokemon GO:

  • Don’t blindly watch your phone ignoring your surroundings. This means don’t walk around busy streets or on platforms near stairs.
  • Pay attention to those around you. Not everyone playing Pokemon GO or looking at their cell phone in your vicinity is friendly.
  • Don’t blindly travel. If travelling and you see a great spot, if possible stay in your vehicle capture the Pokemon and leave.  Don’t wait around hoping for more opportunities.
  • Travel in groups if possible. There is power in numbers.
  • If you are unsure about an area that has a “valuable” Pokemon, don’t pursue it. There are plenty of opportunities to grab Pokemon later.

Remember, be safe and be smart about gaming.

Source: O’Fallon Police Department Facebook page

Carl Williams

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