Pokemon GO Slows as Niantic Prepares Harry Potter Augmented Reality Game

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

This is an interesting development. Niantic are working on a Harry Potter game that uses the same technology, or very close to, that which powers Pokemon GO. This is nothing new, companies build off past successes as they develop more technology to make better games. Harry Potter is just a progression of what started with Pokemon GO.

Thanks to the unprecedented success of Pokemon GO, Niantic have been put in a favorable position to continue Augmented Reality games. The basics of this technology will presumably be present such as going around the real world and experiencing new locations and interacting with other players already there.

Harry Potter is another franchise that took both young fans and older alike by storm. Transcending age groups, Harry Potter was able to find success for many years, even decades, now. The selection of this franchise world as the successor, or is it complimenting, of Pokemon GO is just a natural selection. What other franchise would stand a chance at repeating, let alone surpassing, the success of Pokemon GO

Source: Niantic

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