Pokemon GO Sees More Improvements in Update Version 0.45.0, Hints of New Pokemon Spotted

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Pokemon GO is obviously a phenomenon.  Whether you are like me and moved on already or you are still playing daily, you know about this game.  Niantic have been working hard to keep players, get old ones back, and entice new players to give the little digital monster collecting game.  This is a necessity of any game that relies on In App Purchases for income.  Pokemon GO is no exception and Niantic are working hard to keep players interested.  The improvements in update version 0.45.0 are interesting.

Some of the updates were outlined in my previous article.  Now we know more about the improvements in this update.  For those that don’t want to click through and read another article, here is the gist of that article.  Niantic are adding daily and weekly rewards for regular players.

With this latest update, you can also expect some changes to the gameplay.  Defeating a Gym Leader at a rival Gym now gives you a short period of time to place your Pokemon in the Gym.  Also, the amount of Prestige you earn for defeating a regular Gym member is not increased while Prestige gained from training with friendly Gyms is not as high as before.

In the game code, there have been reports by Android users across the Internet who have discovered references to 100 new Pokemon in the game code.  Pokedex #152 is Chikorita on up to #251 which is Celebi.  These are second generation Pokemon.

It is interesting that we are seeing hints of second generation Pokemon preparing to make an appearance in Pokemon GO.  It remains to be seen if these changes will bring back into the fold old gamers that have left the game already.  I know I won’t be bothering with the game as the updates are not changing anything that made me quit the game in the first place (rural Arkansas is not exactly teeming with Pokemon).

Will you be downloading Pokemon GO again, if you quit?  For those still playing, will these updates make you hold on a little longer?

Source: Niantic

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