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Mega Construx

Pokemon are quite a marketing item. It seems where ever their likenesses are placed there is money to be made. Especially if it is Pikachu, the little yellow rat like looking one. Now we are on the cusp of seeing more physical versions of some of our favorite Pokemon.

Meg Construx are planning on releasing more licensed character building sets. They already have the Halo, Masters of the Universe, Alien, etc licenses available in minifigure packages at most retailers. Now they are planning on expanding into the Pokemon world with basic sets such as Pikachu up to more complicated and time-consuming sets such as Snorlax or Charizard.

What is cool about these Mega Construx sets is that they come with a Pokeball, which happens to have the pegs on the top, so you can use the ball as a display base as well.

Mega Construx Pokemon

It is interesting how these building block things go. Lego seems to grab the big movie licenses and companies like Mega Construx go for gaming and such. I see one set of building blocks at stores like Dollar General that feature the Transformers license. I have thought about picking one up to see how their work feels but have not done so yet.

Mega Construx Skeletor

I did pick up a Mega Construx Masters of the Universe He-Man and Skeletor earlier this week. These two seem to be the harder to find figures in the Mega Construx series (series one of that line, I believe). I am a big fan of building blocks, even bought a set of He-Man and Skeletor minifigures from Aliexpress early last year ($0.80 for both, shipped from China, was too good to pass up).

Mega Construx Pokemon

These Mega Construx Pokemon figures look cool and are close to the characters they are trying to emulate. These are not minifigures, instead they are blocks connecting to make the characters.

Source: Nintendo Soup and Mega Construx website

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