Pilot Perils Soft Launches in Australia and New Zealand

Our friends “down under” are the recipients of the soft launch of an interesting side scrolling game.  Pilot Perils has just been released in New Zealand and Australia for iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad.  Fans of “retro” inspired gaming will be interested in at least checking out Pilot Perils when it launches in their country.

Set in a world of steam punk, a setting popular with gamers, Pilot Perils is all about exotic machines.  Piloting a steampunk powered machine you are facing challenges that make use of physics to mess with you.  Your task is to retrieve your invention which was stolen by a jerk- who else steals someone else’s stuff?

The world you play in is called Alvor and you are an inventor that just wants to help the world as a whole.  Jack, your pilot, is fighting the evil mining company that stole his invention (evil corporation type trope).  Can you help Jack get his invention back and set the world of Alvor right again?

Pilot Perils features 15 levels of side scrolling action for your Apple iPad.  Levels make heavy use of physics, similar to how Angry Birds level pieces fell and reacted accordingly- same thing here just bigger.  Steampunk world fans will feel right at home controlling Jack in his quest to regain his stolen invention.

Levels are laid out to be nightmares of a sort, otherwise where is the challenge.  You fly your plane around the levels and collect items.  Some of these items are helpful while others actually make things tougher (releasing objects in the level that can hurt you).

Launch in more countries is expected soon.  If response to Pilot Perils is good enough we will continue to follow it.

Pilot Perils by Excalisoft
Genre: Side scrolling adventure
Platform: iPad
Rated: 4+ on the iTunes App Store
Available now in Australia and New Zealand iTunes App Stores

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