People Garden Explores Aokigahara Forest

What is it with horror movies set in forests lately?  We have the Blair Witch reboot coming and now we have The People Garden.  This one is not a rip off of The Blair Witch, no this one is based on a real forest, Aokigahara Forest in Japan, that most certainly has taken the lives of more than a few people.  This forest is a popular location to commit suicide and end your suffering in life- whatever that may be.  The People Garden uses this as the backdrop for its mysterious story.

The People Garden tells the story of Sweetpea, portrayed by Dree Hemingway, who is on a personal trip to Japan.  See, Sweetpea is on a mission, she is done with her boyfriend, portrayed by Francois Arnaud.  Dude is no normal boyfriend and this is no normal trip for Sweetpea.  Her boyfriend is a rocker and was in Japan on business shooting his latest music video.  Guess where he was shooting that video.  Yep, Aokigahara Forest, the suicide capital for forests the world over.

Apparently Pamela Anderson (yeah, THAT Pamela Anderson) is the “eye candy” in this flick as she plays the female interest in some way.  Not sure how that works but hey, whatever.  It is a drama/horror movie so is it really supposed to make sense?

Sweetpea has no idea about the Aokigahara Forest and its dark past.  This opens up her getting involved in stuff she did not see coming while searching for thought to be soon ex-boyfriend who has disappeared in the forest.  Sucks for her.  I mean, if I was her and I was breaking up with him anyhow, I would simply turn around and go home at the first sign of something weird going on.  She was going to break up with him anyhow, right?

Who is interested in this one?  Blair Witch or People Garden?  Which one gets your movie going bucks?

Carl Williams

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