Time Warner Planning Boomerang Standalone Subscription Plan

Ah, classic cartoons. Who doesn’t enjoy them? Cartoon Network used to be the place to catch the classics – Flintstones, The Jetsons, Scooby-Doo, and more. Nowadays, Cartoon Network is certainly not the classics but that is the evolution of television. Right? Boomerang sprang up to answer the call of fans wanting more of the classics and even expanded a bit picking up MGM owned titles and Hanna-Barbera titles along with Warner Bros properties. Sadly, Boomerang is only available in the upper tier cable packages and not available in a standalone form for cord cutters to enjoy. Warner Bros is working on changing that though. Read more »

Dead Cells Metroidvania 2D Action

Dead Cells Roguelike Castlevania Style Game to Show at PAX East

As we get closer to PAX East this weekend we continue to learn about new titles that will be at the show. One such new title is Dead Cells, a Castlevania style action-platformer making use of pixelized graphics. If I had to pick a generation Dead Cells fit best, I would have to pick Neo Geo pseudo 24-Bit. Read more »

AWAY Journey to the Unknown

AWAY Journey to the Unknown to Show at PAX East

It seems that PAX East is shaping up to be quite the place to be this weekend. That is very true if you are an indie game fan. Not only will Northgard be shown at PAX East but also this rather interesting take on the first-person genre, AWAY Journey to the Unknown. Read more »

Nier Automata

Nier Automata Steam Day One Bonus Items Revealed, Releases on Playstation March 7th

Square Enix are quite busy with their work on releasing new games that don’t have Final Fantasy in the name. One such title is Nier Automata which tells the tale of androids and a world left behind by humans. Of course, since this is a Square Enix game you know there is more to it than that. Read more »

Northgard to Appear At PAX East Featuring New Content

Previously we covered Northgard and judging by  the response by our readers, it is a very anticipated upcoming release. Well, the good news is that Northdgard will be on display at this year’s PAX East event on March 10th. The even better news, Northgard will feature new, until now unseen, content. Read more »

Lara Croft GO

Lara Croft Go Mirror of Spirits Expansion Now Available on PC for Free

Lara Croft GO is one of those “chances” that companies sometimes take on franchises. Starting out as a 3D third person adventure game starring Lara Croft, Tomb Raider set new interest in gaming. It could be that the main character was a female and the developers made sure she was scantily clad – maybe to entice the mostly male gaming audience of the mid 90’s into buying it. The character, Lara Croft, has transcended her role as eye candy to something more akin to the action characters she was fashioned after. Square Enix have not kept her tied up with 3D third person action games either. Read more »


Spy DNA Prepares for Steam Greenlight

Anyone that has played games for any decent length of time has experienced more than one tactical strategy game featuring soldiers. These games often have some semblance of realism built in, at least they want you to think that. Spy DNA is another tactical strategy game featuring soldiers and real world based weapons and armor. Things go a bit farther than the competition here though as in game items follow real world physics. Closely. Read more »

Google Unveils Youtube TV

For a long time now we have heard rumors that Google would throw their hat in the streaming television world. Well, those rumors are now put to rest as we know their plans. It is apparent that Google is now tying television programming in with their Youtube service. That is not all fans are getting. Google is bundling some interesting options in with Youtube TV. Read more »

Comcast XFINITY Logo

Comcast’s XFINITY App Becomes XFINITY Stream, Unhappy Customers Already Reported

It seems that Comcast is dead set on making customers mad on a regular basis. This is never more evident than how they treat their customers that use the Comcast mobile apps. Take the XFINITY app for instance. While not loved, it was serviceable. That apparently is too much serviceability for Comcast to stand as they made some major changes to that app and now it is called the XFINITY Stream. Slighty disclaimer here – I am a Comcast home Internet customer but this article is completely of my accord. Read more »

New Trailer Released for The Other 99, Updates and Improvements Implemented

The Other 99, for those that don’t know already, is a first-person action-survival game. You wake up on a mysterious island and have no clue how you got here. Nearby you is a note that simply reads, “The only way off the island is through The Other 99.” Eerie doesn’t even begin to describe your situation. Read more »

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