WWE Women's Tournament

WWE Announce 32 Woman Women’s Tournament for WWE Network

The WWE seem to be moving in a unique direction over the last five to ten years. They are slowly moving away from gimmicks they are focusing more on women competitors as actual competitors and seem to be working more with indies. It is almost like wrestling has come full circle. In the old days, there were territories that were owned by wrestling companies. You would share talent to help each other and fans were happy. WWE changed that by buying everyone they could out. Read more »

New Playstation Vita Releases for April 2017

Many may think the Playstation Vita is a dead hand held. Sure, there are not a ton of new releases for Sony’s most recent attempt at portable dominance but it is not dead yet. We have a list of new releases for the little Sony hand held right here – some are rather interesting and cool to see. Others are, “What the…” releases. Read more »


Anoxemia Brings Underwater Horror to Playstation 4 and Xbox One, Released Today

Underwater horror games are kind of new. We have horror games set in abandoned buildings and even in the mind but not often in the ocean. That is weird because the ocean is so unexplored and eerie and we know so little about it. Anoxemia for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One is looking to change that. Read more »

Power Rangers Legacy Wars

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Android Timing Based Fighting Game Review

The Power Rangers just experienced a reboot in theaters this past weekend and shortly before that, we got a new mobile game. Power Rangers Legacy is sort of the “game based on the movie” release that we see in these instances. Sort of. While the new mobile game features the new characters, at least in their morphin’ suits, it is not exactly tied to the movie. We do get Elizabeth Banks in some screens in Power Rangers Legacy Wars so it is not all a loss. Read more »

Vudu Logo

Vudu Brings Disc to Digital Option to Mobile Users

Fans of digital movies will enjoy this news, especially those that use the Vudu service that Wal-Mart owns. Vudu has recently updated their mobile app with a cool feature that fans have probably longed for quite a while now. Digitizing your DVD collection has never been easier. There is a fee involved – nothing is free as they say. Read more »

Apocalypse Meow Android Overhead Shooter Review

People. There are two types in this world, at least that is what dating sties tell us. Dog people and cat people. Well, cat people, after watching the introduction video for Apocalypse Meow, you have some explaining to do. Cats have attacked, and destroyed, the Earth and it is left up to man’s best friend – dogs – to save what is left of humanity. For a scrolling shooter, it has an original storyline – can’t say I have ever literally rescued humans in space after a feline enemy destroyed the planet (Wing Commander doesn’t count). Read more »

Batman Arkham Underworld

Batman Arkham Underground Android Game Review

Batman, the one movie franchise that DC Comics has going that is good. That is if he is on his own – so far, the teaming up thing has not worked out so well. Not nearly as well as it has for Marvel Comics and their Iron Man movie franchise. Anyhow, that is movies and we are here to discuss games. Particularly, Batman: Arkham Underworld by Warner Bros International Enterprises (who?). If you ever wanted to be the bad guy and build an awesome base, then your time has come. Read more »

WWE Logo

Is Goldberg Just a Transition Champion?

The WWE seem to be floundering to fix the ratings on Monday Night RAW since the brand split. Smackdown Live has sort of run away in regards to ratings and clearly is the real improvement story as far as the brand split is concerned. This is puzzling considering Monday Night RAW has both Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg on their roster with Goldberg the current Universal Champion. Both men are “part time” wrestlers and have contracts that feature limited event appearances and a set number of matches per pre-determined period. Does that mean Bill Goldberg is just a transition champion? Read more »

AT&T logo

AT&T GoPhone Customers Receive Limited Unlimited Option

“Unlimited” data plans are all the rage again with cell phone companies. The last time we saw this was back around the time the first iPhone came out. Yeah, it has been that long ago. The thing is, while the plans are “unlimted” you are only getting high speed data transfer rates up to a certain about of gigabytes per month. After you use that allotment of high speed data up, you are then throttled but not cut off or charged overages. Technically they are giving customers what they are promising, just in a rather backhanded kind of way. That was if you got in on a contract with pretty much all of the carriers. AT&T just announced that their GoPhone, prepaid plan, customers can now get “unlimited” data too. Read more »

Photon Strike

Photon Strike Overhead Scrolling Android Shooter Review

Okay, anyone that knows me probably knows I suck at most scrolling shooters. At least today I do. Back in my younger days, around the early to mid-90’s, I was much better at them. At least I think I was. I probably sucked back then too. Anyhow, Photon Strike by Gamespire is my newest addiction (I get addicted easily – just look at my current playtime in Tiny Station 2 for proof, nearing 300 days). Overhead scrolling shooter fans that have a penchant for Dan Brown novels will enjoy this one. Read more »

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