Pac-Man Puzzle Tour Review, ZTE ZMAX 2 Android Device

Ask any retro gaming fan which gaming character has been in more genres than any other.  Many fans will say Mario from Nintendo, who has played everything from a plumber to a pharmacist.  I would like to bring up Pac-Man by Bandai Namco as a candidate for that lofty title.  You see, nearly genre for genre, Pac-Man has met Nintendo’s Mario in gaming- even cartoons (though Mario holds title of worst game to movie license).  Pac-Man Puzzle Tour is in a genre that Mario has not trekked into yet- Bejeweled Match 3 gaming.

First, if you are sick of Bejeweled games then Pac-Man Puzzle Tour is not going to change your mind.  For everyone else, this is a solid puzzle game with some classic arcade trappings that make it fun.  From sound effects to graphics, Pac-Man Puzzle Tour has that classic Pac-Man feel.

The gameplay is just as it ever was in these types of games.  The fruit being matched is the same fruits that we collected in the mazes.  Along the top of the screen are little action scenes where Pac-Man is chasing ghosts, eating power ups and generally playing out the classic arcade maze game via animations.  Nice touch.

Much like Pac-Man 256, Pac-Man Puzzle Tour features new ghosts.  This time we see Crystal Ghost, Mechanical Ghost and a few more make their debut.  It is always interesting to discover new enemies, especially with a classic franchise like Pac-Man.

There are plenty of power ups in Pac-Man Puzzle Tour.  From nearly clearing the screen down to clearing one column or row the screen is often full of flashy colors and animations.  You may be thinking Pac-Man Puzzle Tour could be a good game to hand the kiddies but be aware, there are In App Purchases in this one.

For me, I am still able to find fun in Match 3 Bejeweled games so Pac-Man Puzzle Tour is just a melding of two things I enjoy.  If you like Pac-Man then check Puzzle Tour out, you may just find out you like Match 3 puzzle games too.

Pac-Man Puzzle Tour by Bandai Namco
Genre: Puzzle, Match 3, Bejeweled
Platform: Android (ZTE ZMAX 2 used for review) and iPhone
Rated: E for Everyone on Google Play and 4+ on iTunes
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store

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