Pac-Man 256 Receives Several Features in Latest Update

Pac-Man 256 is a cool take on the endless running genre.  Taking the maze idea of the original games and simply having them go on forever, Pac-Man 256 brings the classic title to the modern gamer.  There are many themes, leaderboards and challenges that keep the maze running fresh and challenging.  Bandai Namco have updated Pac-Man 256 with new features that make the game even more fun and interesting.

First up, new themes have been added to Pac-Man 256.  Three of them to be exact.  First is PAC-MANIA which reminds us of one of the earlier updates to the maze game.  PAC-MANIA was a title that Tengen released on the Nintendo Entertainment System, even though they didn’t have a license to do so.  Graphically, PAC-MANIA is very cartoony and has a 3D feel to it.

Next up is Go Karts.  The ghosts are changed to, well, Go Karts and various pieces around the maze make the change too.  For me, this one was a little confusing but I am sure some out there will enjoy it.

Garden is, again, a little confusing to me but it has a certain appeal to it.  The ghosts become ladybugs in this theme which is a little disheartening- ladybugs killing you?

If you are not sure what theme you want to play then you will be happy to know that Pac-Man 256 has a feature that Netflix should have- a randomizer.  This feature does what the name sounds like- gives you a random maze theme to play.  Nice feature.

There are also nine new achievements to earn, you are not going to get them all easily.  The fact that Bandai Namco keeps adding achievements is nice as it shows they mean to continue supporting Pac-Man 256 with new content.

You also can now see your friends’ high scores via Facebook and Game Center.  For the competitive gamer, this is great news.

Grab Pac-Man 256 on Google Play, the Amazon Appstore or the iTunes App Store and set a high score tonight.

Carl Williams

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