Official Power Rangers Trailer Released

We have covered the upcoming Power Rangers reboot for a little while now here at Gravis Ludus.  To say we are at least interested is probably an understatement.  Until today though, we have been limited to official pictures and posters.  No real concrete evidence as to how the movie would work.  Would this be the cheesy original or would it continue down the dark road set by Rita Repulsa’s remake?  Now we know.

First up, this was obviously not going to be super kiddie friendly based on the early pictures but it still had a chance to be kid friendly.  Now we know that chance of being kid friendly is completely gone- this is a remake in most senses of the word.  Things is not much in this remake that was the same as in the original (the Power Rangers are color coded still so there is that).

We see in the trailer the last days of the individuals that become the Power Rangers.  These are just high school kids, much like they were originally, dealing with life and not doing all that well with it.  We have members in trouble with the police, part of the uncool crowd and the like.  A complete mix of personalities so to speak.

One thing that is made somewhat clear in this trailer for the Power Rangers reboot is that these teenagers are dealing with an otherworldly power.  Sure, that was in the original but it was not all that explored until the original cast were replaced and new series were created (such as Power Rangers Space or whatever it was called).  In this reboot it is being put right there up front.  This could be setting up later parts of the movie or it could be setting up later movie sequels if this does well.

Personally, I am interested in seeing how this Power Rangers reboot plays out.  I know a lot of people are crying that this is “too dark” and not “their Power Rangers”.  Duh.  It was never meant to be the power rangers from the past- this is much like the Transformers movies by Michael Bay.  You will either be a huge fan or a huge hater of this Power Rangers reboot.  Right now, I am leaning towards fan of it.

What do you think of the trailer?

Carl Williams

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