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Nokia is in a weird position. They are trying to relaunch their brand after selling off to Microsoft for a period. This can be tough, and it is proving to be for Nokia. Their relaunch plans include coming out with new phone designs of their own, though at this point, what “new” stuff can be done to make a new phone stand out? The leaks show what Nokia is going for with their new phone line so you be the judge.

First, it probably needs to be mentioned, Nokia sold off their phone manufacturing to Microsoft (and a nice license of their name for a set period). This means Nokia is no longer manufacturing their own phones, something that was key in their quality over the years (and why many of us Nokia fans loved them). Now Nokia’s line is manufactured by HMD Global. The new phone that got leaked, the budget device currently called the Nokia 2, will be allegedly manufactured alongside the Nokia 3, 5, 6, and 8.


As you can see, the Nokia 2 is not all that impressive as a phone. Seriously though, what can anyone do today to make a phone stand out? Everything has been thrown out there and users have thrown it right back if it was “too” different from the mainstays such as iPhone or the Galaxy line.

What hurts the Nokia 2 in my eyes, the same thing that hurt the Windows Phone brand, is that this device is reportedly shipping with 8 gigs of memory and one gig of RAM. I am sorry, that is simply atrocious in today’s market – Android runs slow as molasses on one gig of RAM. Forget playing many games on this thing or reliably making dependable phone calls with it.

You are probably saying that I am being too hard on the Nokia 2. Well, let’s look under the hood a bit and see the specs – a Snapdragon 210/212 with a 720p display which will be between 4.5” and 5”. Any more questions?

Nokia just needs to keep this one in the design room or a Nokia museum or something. The market is far beyond what this device will be able to reach.

Source: Evan Blass Twitter and Android Police

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