Nintendo Re-Enters Cereal Market with Super Mario Cereal

Super Mario Cereal

Cereal, the crunchy stuff that companies attempt to tell us is all a part of a healthy breakfast. When in all seriousness, most of the nutrition here comes from the milk that you pour on it. That has not stopped hundreds of companies from attempting to take over the cereal market and all the profits that come with that accomplishment. Nintendo being the gamer focused company that they are have recently re-entered the cereal market with Super Mario Cereal, partnering with Kellog’s who is one of the largest cereal producers in the world today. This is not the first time Nintendo has been here though.

Kellog’s 2016 revenue nearly reached $10 billion in sales. Let that sink in and you will probably easily see why Nintendo partnered with them for Super Mario Cereal. That is now but back over 30 years ago it was slightly different.

Nintendo Cereal System advertisement

Way back in 1986 Nintendo partnered with Ralston Cereals to introduce the Nintendo Cereal System breakfast cereal. The catch with this cereal was that there were two distinct types of cereal in the box. On the left side of the box was Super Mario Bros and on the right, was The Legend of Zelda.

The Super Mario Bros Action Series cereal featured fruity flavored characters and items from the classic Nintendo Entertainment System game. Among them were Super Mushrooms, Mario himself, Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and finally Bowsers.

The Legend of Zelda Adventure Series side featured berry-flavored pieces that included ones shaped like Link, hearts, keys, boomerangs, and shields.

In the Nintendo Cereal System box was a sticker of a Nintendo character and on the back were a set of 12 collectible trading cards called “Nintendo Power Cards”. Nintendo has taken to heart this “freebie” offer with the new Super Mario Cereal as well. The Nintendo Cereal System was discontinued in 1988 and featured box variations throughout using the Super Mario Bros and Legend of Zelda franchises as featured games.

Now, we have Super Mario Cereal, which to me appears to be a Lucky Charms style cereal (marshmallow pieces with crunchy bits mixed in) is probably quite good – if you like General Mills’ version.

Super Mario Cereal

What do you get if you scan the Amiibo into Super Mario Odyssey? Power Moon location and it will be identified as a “delicious Amiibo”. Hey, depending on what you pay for it, that could be worth your time to track down a box of Super Mario Cereal.

Nintendo Cereal System boxes, magnets and such appear on eBay from time to time and fetch a pretty penny. It is unclear if Super Mario Cereal will reach a similar high value. Probably not as today it is more common place for people to collect, buy and wait, and other tactics in hopes of seeing higher returns on a purchase (and companies are more than happy to over produce to meet demand).

Nintendo has used cereal over the years to promote their games, mostly partnering with Kellog’s to run promotions to win Nintendo brand games and systems.

Have you enjoyed a bowl of Super Mario Cereal yet? Will you, considering the prices it is fetching on eBay?

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