Night Terrors Takes Pokemon GO to Hell

Okay, playing Pokemon GO is all nice and good.  A lot of people are finding it to be fun and interesting.  There are people meeting new people, supporting local businesses and more while playing.  That is all fine and dandy.  What about those amongst us that enjoy a good scare from time to time?  The ones that hear a noise in the house and take that as a reason to stalk around with our favorite weapon of defense?  May I introduce you to Night Terrors, an augmented reality game, for Android and iOS.

Okay, just watch the trailer below and see if this even remotely doesn’t give you the willies.  Personally, I am more than excited to try this one out.  Basically, Night Terrors takes the idea of Pokemon GO and mixes in horror instead of cute little creatures.  Yep, Pikachu is replaced with a spectre floating in your kitchen.  Charmander could possibly become a lurking skeleton limping your way down the hallway.

Things are not always visual in horror and apparently they won’t be in Night Terrors either.  Audio will play a big part in the immersion you experience.  To get the most out of Night Terrors you are going to need to wear some headphones.

Adding to the immersion factor with Night Terrors is the fact that the game will literally interrupt your phone working.  This is some Eternal Darkness (Nintendo for the Gamecube) level messing with the player.  You will receive weird messages, images and even cryptic phone calls as you play.  Anyone remember that horrible attempt by Electronic Arts to create an alternate reality style game called Majestic?  The one that would call you, e-mail you, etc (all based on the level of immersion you wanted)?  Night Terrors is taking that idea but keeping it local and doing it right.

Follow the development of Night Terrors on their website.

Carl Williams

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