New Smart Lens from the Zeiss Group to take on Google Glass

Google Glass, now finds itself battling a major competitor in the next-gen data deliverable eye-glass market. Smart Optics, owned by the Carl Zeiss group, demonstrated its eye-glass wearing prototype at CES 2016, Las Vegas, Nevada. The major differences between the two products couldn’t be more apparent. Firstly, the Smart Optics product, offers the wearer the same look as you are wearing a normal pair of glasses, so you will blend in anywhere and not feel so weird wearing them.

How does it do it ?  The tech in the Smart Optics offering is a OLED display and a fresnel lens, which can be incorporated into a ‘first of its kind’ curved lens, meaning the whole system can be placed on prescription lenses and fitted into regular eye-glass frames.

Why the curved lens ?  Smart Optics says there is a potential danger of projecting direct images into the eye, like Google’s Glass.  The fresnel lens and OLED display are different as they create a series of reflections that deliver information to the wearer’s eye, safer over a longer period of time.

How long can we expect to see the Zeiss Group’s, Smart Optics, product ?  It could be as long as another 12 – 18 months before any such product is available for sale.

To get the venture from prototype to reality , the focus for Smart Optics and the Zeiss Group now, will be to sign agreements or partnerships with a 3rd party company that can deliver wireless connection abilities for the eyewear.

If the Zeiss Group’s prototype is any guide, Google Glass will have a competitor it must watch with a great deal of focus.



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