New Blair Witch Video or Something Else?

Okay, apparently there was this film crew that went into the woods where the Blair Witch Project was based- Black Hills forest in Maryland in 2014.  Their goal was to document the missing persons whose story was featured in the original Blair Witch movie.  Amongst the new film crew were James Donahue (brother of Heather Donahue who was the documentarian in the original found flick film).  Lisa Arlington was the leader of this group in 2014 and her crew, Donahue included, went missing.  Then there is the Kickstarter campaign added to the mix.

There is a Kickstarter campaign for a movie called “The Absence of Closure” which is supposed to be Lisa Arlington’s attempt at documenting the loss of the original team that became the source for the first Blair Witch.  This all could be some major marketing on the part of the movie publisher as it is all a little too surreal.  Then you factor in the last update from a friend of Lisa’s that states the group went missing in the Black Hills woods and the police have given up on the search.  There is even a Facebook page available to show support for the search for Lisa and her team.

Doing some basic investigative journalism I have found that the links to “proof” on the Finding Lisa Arlington Facebook page to be fakes.  There is no FCSOPeterson, “Deputy Peterson” on Twitter for instance.  Same for searching out “Winston-Salem Daily News” which is sourced as proof of something going on with this case- there is no Winston-Salem Daily News (it is shown to be a website but the URL is cut-off).

I have to call this one “something else” as it appears to just be marketing at work here.  You can create a Facebook page and backdate posts so there is that.  The rest can easily be faked.  Still, enjoy the new video above and get ready for the fun.

Carl Williams

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