Could Netflix Want Young Justice Third Season?

Netflix is quickly becoming the go to destination for new, original, animated programming.  They released Voltron earlier this year and prior to that they rebooted Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse.  Netflix also has the rights to an animated Legend of Zelda series to add to the mix.  Now it seems they have set their sights on DCs Young Justice.

The Young Justice team was not your normal “big name” superheroes.  You didn’t find Batman and Superman headlining every episode like they did in most of the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited episodes.  No, Young Justice focused on a different set of heroes, the sidekicks if you will.  Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, etc were featured instead of their Justice League counterparts that have been hogging the limelight for decades.

This focus on fresh faces and new stories is probably why Young Justice was a hit with fans.  It was new, it was unique and it was interesting without having to rely on Batman or Superman to carry the show.

It needs to be stated clearly that right now, this is just a rumor based on information derived from a discussion with a fan and Peter David at the Connecticut TerrificCon.  Apparently Netflix has approached Mr. David about bringing Young Justice back for a third season.

This is nothing new for Netflix.  They brought back Parks and Recreation and are bringing back Gilmore Girls later this year.  Traversing the muddy waters of continuing a show from another network is nothing new for the digital streaming service.

Me personally, I am an animation fan from way back.  I prefer animated versions of a lot of properties such as Batman, Superman and Avengers along with their more popular friends, the X-Men.  That is just me though.  Judging by the popularity of these properties in animation, I am not alone.

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