Mystery of History – Three Times Time Travel May Have Occurred

It is the great challenge of science fiction- time travel.  We are nearing eliminating the whole space travel thing, at least on a small-scale, but time travel still eludes our species.  Or has it?  There have been many anomalies in history that scream time travel exists.  Some of these are innocuous events captured in early cinema while others are more recent finds that simply make you scratch your head.  Any way you look at it, some of these are weird and extremely tough to refute.  I will be skipping the sunglasses wearing screen printed t-shirt sporting tourist at the bridge opening.  While cool, it has become a crutch for these types of articles.  Same thing for the woman on the “cell phone” in the Charlie Chaplin film “The Circus”.  Also, I won’t be covering John TItor here.

  • Chinese “Swiss” Time Piece in Tomb


In late 2008, Chinese archaeologists discovered a small watch in a Si Qing tomb in Shangsi County.  The uniqueness of this find is infinitely higher due to the word “Swiss” engraved on the back.  Now, keep in mind, this tomb was reportedly undisturbed for over 400 years.

  • DuPont Employee Using Cell Phone in 1938

This one is quite odd and much clearer than the Charlie Chaplin clip.  A woman reportedly leaving a DuPont factory in 1938 while using a cell phone.  A flip/clamshell type cell phone at that.  For many, this could simply have been a video of the woman maybe mocking a boss/co-worker/acquaintance on the phone.  The woman is clearly talking to someone as she closes the clamshell device (maybe a makeup compact?).

  • Astronaut in 1800 Era Church


The Salamanco Cathedral Church started construction in the 1600’s and was completed around the 1800’s.  That is normal, a lot of churches back then took more than one generation to complete (just look at the intricate designs and you will see why).  What is interesting about this particular church is a design on one of the pillars.  What do you see there?  Is that a “normal” thing to see in a church from that time period or is it something else?  If something else, where did the artist get the idea for such a detailed sculpture?

Carl Williams

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