Mountain Monsters Season Five Finale Released Early

Mountain Monsters Team Photo

Destination America has done something that is kind of unprecedented in today’s “ratings dominate all” world of television. Mountain Monsters is allegedly one of their highest rated shows right now. This last weekend viewers received the second to last episode of season five at the end of which was an interesting tidbit. The season finale was being made available early, if you choose to watch it.

The reason this is cool is because this last part of season five has been quite a rollercoaster ride for fans. I was personally dreading waiting a week to find out what happened, what would happen and where the season would end. I held out for a good day before watching it, I watched the season finale earlier today (Memorial Day for those wondering) and will have a review of it available soon.

For those that wish to watch the last episode of season five, I have embedded the full episode below. Please note, this is an official release and not a “rip” or “illegal” release.

For everyone else, Mountain Monsters airs on Destination America on Saturdays at 10/9 pm Central time. Please support stations doing this stuff by watching the show when it airs and check out their other programming.

You can also watch the full episode on the Destination America website along with many episodes from other shows.

Can’t get enough of Mountain Monsters? Check eBay for your fix. From merchandise to videos, Ebay has it.

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