Mountain Monsters Season 5 Episode 7 Secret of the Little Girl Review – Spoilers Alert

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I did a write up on how Mountain Monsters had changed quite a bit from their early days, available here. I probably need to take back most of what I thought there as Season 5 Episode 7 has made me a hooked fan again. This episode deals with the aftermath of Buck going off by himself and Jeff doing his best to get back in with another team of creature hunters that were working the Dark Forest. Boy did things go off the rails here.

If you are just starting out watching Mountain Monsters, or have not seen Season 5 Episode 7 then please skip the rest of this review as there are spoilers inbound.

We ended last week’s episode with Jeff going through the Three Rings deep in the Dark Forest. We find out this week that had Jeff been the one that “talked with the Little Girl” then she would have appeared at the other end of the Three Rings when Jeff finished the ceremony. She didn’t because Jeff had not talked to her, she was probably interrupted by Buck many episodes ago when she had Jeff kneeling against the tree.

That brings me to the contents of Buck’s phone. Remember, he would not show Jeff when asked about the contents of his phone. There was a video on it from when he went missing and left Liam (Buck’s camera man) alone for over 90 minutes. Apparently the video shows Buck with the Little Girl of the woods, in a position similar to that of what we saw Jeff in a while back. The difference is, with Buck she was able to whisper something in his ear and he went into the woods with her.

My question is, who was filming her and Buck? It is clear that neither were holding the phone as it was away from them and following them at points.

I won’t spoil the rest of the episode for you but suffice to say, it is a good one. The best of Season 4 and 5 so far in my opinion. They have taken me from wondering what the hell is going on and feeling bored as all get out with this “other groups” storyline to me being on the edge of my seat wanting to see next weeks episode. Good job gentlemen. Don’t screw it up.

Mountain Monsters is available on Destination America on Saturday’s 10/9 Central. If you have Playstation Vue’s¬†29.95 plan you can access all of the Mountain Monsters episodes via the DVR option.

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