Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword Review

Blast the face off your enemies with a musket that’s about as accurate as a blind man firing from 200m! This is what With Fire & Sword brought to the table when Mount & Blade got its current expansion out. Mount & Blade are a series of games about a random man, controlled by the player, trying to conquer the world. He can do this by aligning himself with one of the current super powers available or he can say “screw that” and create his own kingdom. If you have ever wanted to be the random guy that conquered the world, then this is the game for you!

What exactly sets Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword apart from all these strategy, war, conquer, and explore games? Well, that’s easy: unlike most of those games which tend to be strategy, Mount & Blade features real-time combat. You can opt to fight in first-person or third-person which is useful depending on your playing style. Do you prefer to use swords and melee weapons? Third-person combat makes this a lot easier to keep aware of your surroundings. Are you a sharpshooter with a penchant for guns or bows? First-person makes this a breeze–relatively speaking since bullets tend to fly in random directions at times. This makes it a unique experience in that instead of controlling the troops, you’re actually in the middle of combat as they fight.

Being in the heat of battle is fun on With Fire & Sword, after all, there is nothing quite like trampling a fleeing enemy with your horse. Lining up your musketeers and firing at a legion of marching troops is also rather enjoyable. Especially fun is when the game decides to act weird and the enemy freezes on the spot until you shoot the enemy commander’s face off. Afterwards, you run back to your troops as the frenzy of angry soldiers tries to descend upon you. It’s even more hilarious when your character wears Black Armor and Armet helmets which effectively make your invulnerable as your slice and dice the enemies at your feet. But there is more to the game than just killing.

You can manage towns and do quests for the other characters, such as collecting taxes, capturing enemy soldiers in exchange for troops. You can become a rich man by running your own caravans and trading between the towns. Maybe you’ll be more interested in buying and selling the products yourself–gunpowder is overpowered in this regard. Raise your friendships with villages, towns, and even the named characters which will ensure they assist you in your quest. Just trust me when I say you’re better off spending the first few days of gameplay gathering money first.

You’ll need it because with money you can afford to pay your troops, buy food, and arm your mercenaries. If you don’t prepare yourself with anticipation then you’ll end up dying rather easily as your character is frail. Characters can be exported via files as long as you name them the same. This can be useful for my personal strategy which was to create a trader and do nothing, but earn money. Take this character and transfer him to a new clean file and keep all your gold, buy the best equipment you can find and arm yourself with a great starter army. This should equal out the difficulty in the game.

A few things to consider is that With Fire & Sword can feel unfair at times. You might be a “hero” unit, but you’re no more heroic than anyone else. If you fall in combat, your troops will automatically lose, which is not true for the enemy commander. The rules are stacked against you, as if you fall in combat, you get captured and enemies have a 75% escape chance. This in particular made a nightmare out of one of the time sensitive quest. The specific quest involved capturing an enemy commander and I fought about five of them before succeeding. You might think five is a small number, but each of these has about 100 troops. The battles can last around 10 minutes and can become annoying after a while.

Yet I never found myself too down to dislike the game and it’s still a blast to play, even after more than 100 hours of gameplay. I rate Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword an 8/10. It’s a blast and simply too enjoyable to pass up. It’s a solid game with a couple of glitches here and there, but nothing too serious.

Available now on PC and Steam, Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword has you mowing down troops on a battlefield!

On a plus note there are a multitude of mods that make this great game even better and I recommend trying out whichever ones catch your eye.

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