Morphite Answers No Man’s Sky Emptiness with Worlds of Action and Drama on Mobile Devices


When No Man’s Sky was announced, and throughout development thereafter, fans were excited. This was possibly the new age Elite on modern platforms. What fans were met with was less than stellar: well, a lot of emptiness. Morphite looks to fix those fans right up with a game that combines No Man’s Sky levels of exploration with Elite space battles combined with some Metroid Prime style battles. One question: when can we play this?

Morphite features 15 chapters of action on eight main planets. Don’t misunderstand my previous comment as this game will feature about 500 procedurally generated planets for you to explore, collect and fight creatures among other things.

Now, what Crescent Moon Games have done here is create a cell shaded combination of a few iconic games. Metroid Prime, Elite, and No Man’s Sky all hold places in history for various reasons but their gameplay is solid. Morphite looks to bring those three games’ gameplay into one package with some really awesome looking graphics.

Exploration is not limited to what you can see in Morphite. You can fly from planet surface to planet surface or even leave the current solar system and visit other solar systems.

Now how will you finance your travels among the stars? In Morphite you can collect minerals, creatures, etc and collect them then sell them. The money you earn can be spent on upgrades and more on your ship and, presumably, your space suit. Now you will also need to be prepared because some planets may contain dinosaurs, hostile aliens, or just simple creatures waiting for you to collect them and sell them to the intergalactic zoo.

You are only limited by your urge to explore.

Morphite by Crescent Moon Games
Developer: We’re Five Games
Genre: Exploration
Platform: Android and possibly iPhone
Rated: Unknown
In App Purchases: Unknown
Available early 2017

Carl Williams

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