Minotaur Visual Novel More than Pretty Graphics Available Now

Minotaur Visual Novel

When you think of visual novels, you probably think of dating sims with very limited actions and storylines. That is most definitely not what Minotaur is about. This release is more of a kindred spirit to the classic Snatcher by Konami than it is a strict visual novel. There is an actual honest-to-goodness adventure engine in this game which helps break up the character interaction that other games seem to base 100% of their content on. For fans like me, that is great news.

Minotaur is billed as a 2.5D adventure with animated backgrounds. The developer and myself apparently have a difference of opinion on what is a 2.5D game. To me, 2.5D is like Clockwork Knight on Sega Saturn. Oh well, no biggie as the game appears to be quite cool; I am a sucker for science fiction adventures.

Minotaur has a rich background and in the demo we barely scratch the surface. We find out a bit about life in the Minotaur universe: you have a snarky assistant and are doing stuff to get by that the police would rather you not do. You start out in your apartment which is located on the outskirts of Dome City of Nova (we also find out that there are many Dome Cities). There are creatures called Demons that wreak havoc on the land around the domed cities and the only safe travel is high speed trains.

If you miss the deep dark world of Snatcher and wish to play more like it, you need to play Minotaur. The developers are already planning a novel, Red Crown, planned for 2017 release and a prequel to Minotaur. Not to mention they are planning a board game. I wonder if a series of comics would be out of the question?

Head over to Itch.io to grab the demo of Minotaur and wait with the rest of us for more.

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