Microsoft’s Continuum, or How Your Windows Phone Could Replace Your Computer

Microsoft has been kind of the butt of a lot of jokes over the last couple of years following their acquisition of Nokia.  They have taken the beatings in the press and virtually ignored naysayers as they worked on Windows 10 and the universal app innovation and continued to release cheap, low-end, Lumia Windows Phones to consumers.  Today, Microsoft decided to start swinging back at the competition that have been poking at them.  Swinging they did.  With the announcement of the Lumia 950 and 950 XL being the new flagship phone that Windows Phone supporters were waiting for.  Now, we are going to discuss Continuum, the left hook to the right jab of the 950 series of phones.

Coupled with the Display Dock, Windows Lumia 950 and 950 XL users can take advantage of the Continuum feature hidden inside.  What is Continuum?  Well, Continuum is simply a computer when your 950/XL is connected to a monitor using the Display Dock.  Literally.

While not the full Windows 10 interface, Continuum does give that familiar feel that Windows users are accustomed to.  What Continuum does is allow for work to be done on a larger screen- rather than editing a Word document on your sub 6” phone screen you can do it, using the Display Dock, on a monitor in easy to read goodness.

This is an interesting option that Microsoft has implemented in the Lumia 950/XL line (presumably in other flagship Windows Phones too, eventually).  What I am wondering is when this functionality will be given to the budget line of phones?  There are a lot of Windows Phone supporters that are not in a position, or inclination, to support the flagship line of phones.

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