Microsoft Takes the Gloves Off with Cortana in Windows 10

For years Microsoft has watched as competitors fought dirty.  Sure, Microsoft is no angel in business but they catch a lot more flack than they deserve.  One instance is the backlash they are receiving for blocking third-party browsers, in use with Cortana, in the latest Windows 10 update.  This is something that is common place with Amazon’s Echo and Google’s digital assistant (go ahead, try to change the browser/search engine used).  Now that Microsoft has taken the gloves off, in regards to Cortana on Windows 10.

With Microsoft’s latest update of Windows 10 they have simply taken off the gloves, just like the competition.  The reason that Microsoft is giving for this is to protect the integrated search experience within Windows 10.  Not a bad reason if you think about it.  What makes Google Android, or Apple iPhone, so useful to the end-user?  The fact that certain apps are very much integrated into each other, by one single company, which can enhance the experience quite a bit.

Think about it, the company (Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc) all know what other apps you have installed on their platform (usually by default).  This makes it easier for the company to streamline the experience that you will have using their software.

For me personally, I think it is great that Microsoft has decided to take off the gloves for once.  I was a Windows Phone user for over a year and it was quite an annoyance not having access to Google apps (maps and the like).  It would be simple for Google to release Youtube and maps apps for Windows Phone but they did the opposite- they even force Microsoft to remove a Youtube app that MS themselves programmed (no commitment from Google whatsoever required).  I don’t remember seeing headlines bitching about Google forcing MS to remove a Youtube app.

I wonder if Microsoft will do similar moves in regards to their Android apps- Office, Cortana, Office Lens, etc.?

Source: Microsoft blog

Carl Williams

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