Microsoft Releases Keyboard Replacement App for iPhone Users

Microsoft has quickly become the “Sega” of the mobile market.  They are attempting to support too many platforms at once.  The big problem they face is the same one that Sega faced in the mid 90’s.  They have replicated this problem again more recently by adding mobile to the mix.  What platform gets what?  Microsoft has their own mobile platform, no matter how small it is, but they treat it like a redheaded stepchild.  Windows Phone is not the “test bed” that many higher-ups at Microsoft wish supporters to think it is.  This has been proven in the past with various improvements, or flat-out exclusives, on mobile platforms other than Windows Phone.  Recently, Microsoft released, yet another, iPhone first app called Word Flow.  No, this is not a game but an actual useful app, especially for those with larger screen iPhone devices.

Word Flow simply takes the keyboard that is on your screen and wraps it around a quarter circle.  This keyboard can be oriented in either bottom corner of your screen- accommodating left and right-handed users.  Word Flow also incorporates predictive text recognition and “Swype” like entering of letters.

There are a fair amount of customization options such as using Word Flow as a normal keyboard (where is the fun in that?).  Also, users can change the background of the keyboard- maybe the bland image is not suiting your taste or style.

The problem with Word Flow is that it is not on Windows Phone at all, let alone “first”.  As a Windows Phone user, this bothers me but I understand business.  Microsoft has begun transitioning from being focused on just their product to focusing on becoming more software oriented.  No matter the platform you support, Microsoft probably has a few useful apps available for it.  That is great if you are an iPhone user with Android holding a close second and Windows Phone, well, things are slipping there.

Grab Word Flow off of the iTunes App Store.

Carl Williams

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