Maniac Mansion Re-Imagined in Fan Film

Daniele Spadoni is not new to fan films.  He has, through is company Spadoni Productions, released many fan films.  From Another World, also known as Out of this World in the United States, to an obscure fighting game by Team 17 called Body Blows, Daniele has been working hard.  His latest fan film is based on the cult favorite Maniac Mansion, a classic by LucusFilm games.  This is a fan film that I was asked to participate in, doing some voice over work for two characters.  I think the results are quiet impressive.

While this fan film doesn’t explore all of the possible endings in the game (who knows how many there are and what they are?), it does do a great job in capturing the fun.  Dr. Fred (voiced by Nintendo Love Affair’s Mark Ball) is a creepy old man in voice and in character- perfect for the role.  Bernard is clearly a nerd and slightly out of touch with the other characters.  Dave Miller is the “cool” guy of the team.  I did the voice over work for both Bernard and Dave Miller by the way.  Wendy is slightly edgier in this fan film than she was in the game but Alice Tagliatti (the actress playing her) did a fantastic job nonetheless.

The essence of the game is captured quite well.  Wendy is obviously disturbed in her surroundings.  The lab is clearly used for nefarious reasons and the rest of the house, well, I won’t spoil it for you but it is true to the source material.

What is cool is that Ron Gilbert, one of the men behind the Maniac Mansion game has shown support via his Twitter for this fan film.  How awesome is that?  I interviewed Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick on Retro Gaming Magazine concerning their game, Thimbleweed Park.

If you stay tuned after the Maniac Movie is done you will get a treat.  There is a sneak peek at the next film that Spadoni Productions are working on.  Fans of point and click adventures will be very happy to see this one come up.

All of Spadoni Productions films are not for profit.  There is no money being earned off of these films.  They are simply fans showing support for games they love.


Carl Williams

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