Major Update to Google Chromebooks Coming This Year

Google at their Google I/O conference announced a lot of big things for their family of products.  There were new additions, updates to old ones and then there was the Google Chromebook.  Google announced a major update for their Chromebooks, more after the jump.

Google announced that later this year, around June or so, that Google Chromebook owners will be able to install a new update.  This update will feature full Android app support.  That is big news as it will add quite a few new apps and games to Chromebooks.

Some of those apps will of course expand the usability of the Google Chromebook.  While there are plenty of concerns over this looming update, it is still one that is fun and interesting.

Some people that I can easily see not liking this update are schools and business owners.  The allure of the Google Chromebook was the closed environment it offered.  With this new update most of that closed environment will be lost.  Students will no longer be trusted 100% by the teacher when using a Google Chromebook.  Those students could soon be playing Angry Birds or messing around on Snap Chat instead of doing school work.

Google will apparently keep Android on the Google Chromebook running in a container.  This will keep Android from mucking up the innards of the host computer.  If Android gets unruly or something, simply clean it like you would your Chromebook and be done with it.  No messy uninstall programs deleting files that are needed for other programs.  No having fragments left over.  Just clean and start over.

Google has stated that this update will allow Android to access Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, keyboard and touch controls and more as needed.  Also, security apparently will not be hindered with this update.

What are your thoughts on Android coming to Google Chromebook?

Carl Williams

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