Machines at War 3 Brings Real Time Strategy Warfare to Google Play and Amazon App Store

Real time strategy (RTS) games were all the rage for gamers back in the day.  Not so much today as the online First Person Shooter (FPS) has taken the throne for PC gamers (and for many console fans).  There was a day when some of us fully expected to see a Mario themed RTS game- real-time strategy games were that popular.  On mobile devices, with smaller screens, RTS games have not been all that popular.  Not many are released.  Isotope 244 LLC are working to fix that problem with Machines at War 3, recently released for the Amazon App Store and Google Play services.

At first glance Machines at War 3 would seem to fit in with what fans may remember of the Command and Conquer series (the RTS games that set the gaming world on fire).  There is not a lack of units to deploy in Machines at War 3- over 130 of them.  Spread over 21 missions, this game is going to take fans a little while to finish (not to mention the random map skirmish mode).  Interestingly, battles will supposedly handle 5,000 units at one time- this is not saying your Android device will be able to handle that load though.

Real time strategy fans have been shafted in the mobile world.  This could be due to large screen devices only recently becoming a popular item.  It could also be due to developers simply not being able to figure out the proper layout of the screen real estate available.  Being limited to a hand-held device surely has posed problems to developers (units are usually smaller anyhow, precise clicking is often required and things move fast in battle).  Hopefully Isotope 244 LLC has figured all of that stuff out with their Machines at War 3 title.

Machines at War 3 by Isotope 244 LLC
Platform: Android (Google Play and Amazon App Store)
Genre: Real Time Strategy
Rated: Teen for violence, blood on Google Play
In App Purchases: No.  Pay one flat price and the game is yours
Available now on Google Play and the Amazon App Store


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